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Compare and manage environment configurations across your D365 Finance and Supply Chain ecosystem.


ConfigCompare has been created to give D365 Finance and Operations administrators and power users unprecedented level of control over their systems configuration.

You can use ConfigCompare to find configuration differences between environments. This will be crucial at many stages in your implementation and ongoing use of D365. Consider the following example points in time where a lack of validation and understanding of your ERP configuration will be detrimental, time consuming and expensive:

    • Workshops
    • Business Process reviews
    • ISV product reviews
    • Conference Room Pilots
    • All testing phases
    • Gold Configuration promotion
    • Train the Trainer
    • User Training
    • Mock Go Live
    • Go Live Cutover
    • Support Triage
    • Change Management
    • ongoing SOX Compliance
    • Global rollouts
    • Post Go Live support and improvement
    • Cross Tenant (geo restricted implementations)
    • etc.

As a very mature ERP product D365 Finance and D365 Supply Chain Management are designed to deliver on the needs and requirements of many diverse organizations and industries.

Configuration of the ERP system allows the user to set up and align their business processes to specific configurations across the modules available in D365 to address their needs. This will change over time as the business requires it.

Each module has its own set of configuration forms (usually under Setup) and underlying data structures. These configurations control the data entry and validation, document creation and processing, inter-module flows, financial posting and reporting. As an example the Contoso demo contains on average 46148 multi-option settings per Legal entity.

ConfigCompare is the tool to achieve full control over all these settings, for every company, and across all your environments.

In any implementation there are thousands of choices to be made. This needs to be controlled and managed throughout the lifetime (Implement, Use, Improve) of the ERP: often across many environments, many companies, and over time! New Business Units or New Companies may need anything from slightly different to fundamentally different configurations.

As you can imagine this is a critical and rightfully time-consuming element in the ongoing management of any ERP solution and D365 is no different – until now!

What does it do:

With ConfigCompare you can track and manage changes to any area that you decide represents your configured system. It checks values and structure.

What are the benefits:

    • Reduced cost of Implementation.
    • Integrity of configured solution is managed.
    • Application Lifecycle Management process is simplified.
    • Enables strict governance (SOX / J-SOX).
    • Audit of business configuration changes.
    • Change Management improved.

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