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Configurable HCM Process Wizards™ to recruit, onboard, develop & engage your people.

Nowhere is Microsoft’s mission to empower people more applicable than in the realm of Human Capital Management. Dynamics 365 for Operations + Elevate HR empower people to achieve more so that business can thrive.

Visit our website for more information about the full suite of integrated Elevate HR HCM Solutions with Dynamics 365 for Operations. Request a trial to experience HCM Process Wizards™ and Manager Self-Service:

Employee Lifecycle

Elevate HR Solutions with Dynamics 365 for Operations manage the full employee lifecycle. Integrated HCM Process Wizards™, approval flows, and notifications incorporate all aspects of employee events, from talent acquisition through post-employment activities, and automate the creation and disablement of enterprise systems access. HCM Process Wizard field-level control and HCM Approvals put the power of designing employee lifecycle processes into the hands of HR users.

Manager Self-Service

Manager Self-Service offers a browser-based workspace so that managers can access information for direct reports, initiate position requisitions and lifecycle processes, and submit changes to HR (or others) for approval using configurable approval flows.

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