Fresh Dynamics 365 F&SCM API Plugin for Purchase 2 Pay

Видавець: Fresh Dynamics B.V.

Fresh Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management API Plugin for Purchase 2 Pay

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management to third party P2P application swiftly, using Fresh Dynamics's API Plugin

This Plugin offers a method for a third-party application to send invoice data to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain management and post this data as either cost or purchase invoice.

The message sent needs to contain references to Dynamics base data such as vendor accounts, ledger accounts and tax groups. For this we offer a set of custom Odata entities providing this information.

The purpose of the connector is to post vendor invoices by means of a message received from the external application providing the workflow. The message contains all the information needed to do this, i.e. vendor account, gross amount, tax amount and ledger account or purchase order number to post against.

In addition to the interface definition, a number of additional tools are also included:

- Forms to check and analyze the status of sent messages.

- A set of additional entities to provide the third party with a master data set.

- A tool to clean up old message data.

- A tool to check the connectivity status of the interface and entities.

- A button to retrieve the invoice document for an invoice posted with the interface (currently added to the original document form).

To achieve the posting of an invoice the interface works with four flows each consisting of one, two or three messages. A flow is uniquely identified by the headered/message type set in the message.

The four flows are:

1. Vendor Invoice for Cost Invoice

2. Registration -- Approval -- Free for Payment for Cost Invoice

3. Purchase Invoice for Purchase Order Invoice

4. Registration -- Purchase Order Approval -- Free for Payment for Purchase Order Invoice

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