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Looking for a full restaurant solution that can streamline all your F&B enterprise's operations?

Many large restaurant chains use separate software applications. As a result, they can’t see what’s going on in the business, can’t run effective promotions and waste time and resources in manual work.


There’s a better way to run your restaurant business.


LS First is the comprehensive management system that covers your entire restaurant operations. By managing your operations within a single platform, you can:

  • Reduce duplicate work and increase efficiency
  • Streamline your stock, production and menu management
  • Control your whole enterprise from HQ
  • Cut IT costs
  • Make timely, informed decisions based on up-to-date data


LS First will simplify your quick service (QSR), fast casual or fine dining restaurant chain:

  • Manage menus, recipes, ingredients centrally
  • Configure the POS interface to suit your needs
  • Optimize inventory, production and kitchen display routing
  • Organize for productivity with role-tailored, permission-controlled user interfaces
  • Offer quicker, better service: orders are sent from the mobile, stationary or self-service POS straight to the Kitchen Display System (KDS), decreasing table turn times


LS First is interoperable with the entire Microsoft suite. It’s delivered via the cloud, so you can scale it up and down and add on functionality as you require.

LS First is compatible with Dynamics 365 Finance, D365 Supply Chain Management and D365 Commerce.

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