Aptitude Fynapse for Dynamics 365 Finance


Better Finance automation, agility & insights with Aptitude Fynapse for Dynamics 365 Finance

The Fynapse connector integrates the Aptitude Fynapse platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, providing customers a streamlined process in creating and storing proper accounting from disparate source systems transactions and posting them to the ledger in Dynamics 365 Finance.

The connector offers the ability to drill back from vouchers in Dynamics 365 through the Fynapse subledger and accounting engine back to the originating business event from the source system, thus achieving full data lineage and traceability.

About Fynapse

Fynapse is Aptitude’s next generation, fully automated finance management platform. It has been developed from the ground up with the finance user at heart, empowering finance to quickly react to challenges and opportunities with agility and independent of IT.

Fynapse will transform a finance function to be extremely efficient, highly controlled and data-insight driven. Through the application of the latest digital technologies, Fynapse provides extreme performance, scalability, and data transparency to drive continuous compliance, full automation of finance and accounting processes, and the delivery of real-time business insights.

The modular design is rooted in the composable architecture approach and allows finance teams to integrate best-of-breed finance applications that add additional capabilities and progressively transform a finance architecture. This modular approach can be implemented quicker and at a much lower cost of ownership when compared with traditional solutions.

Modular and composable by design

Fynapse is built on a composable architecture, providing an ecosystem of modules that can operate as standalone or be easily connected to meet specific use cases. All modules are connected through the same data fabric that allows open integration to multiple data sources and other third-party party applications.

This composable approach allows finance teams to iteratively transform based on their individual pain points, business needs and challenges. Finance teams can respond with agility to business problems and time to value is drastically reduced.

Core Modules

Control Center:

Provides the scheduling, security, audit, and traceability capabilities that strengthen trust in the solution while allowing for integration with external platforms.

Finance Ledger:

A centralized finance ledger with a real-time rules-based accounting engine and multi-entity, multi-GAAP subledger. The accounting engine is easily configurable, empowering finance users to quickly implement and update transparent accounting policies with fully automated, end to end touchless, multi-basis accounting from source to post. The subledger provides a rich data model using transaction, contract and reference data at the most highly granular level to support Management, Statutory, and Regulatory Reporting. The subledger and accounting engine can be implemented as individual solutions to meet specific use cases.

Finance Intelligence:

Supports accountants, data scientists, and other business stakeholders with self-service, on-demand, real-time reporting and dashboards for data visualization.

Data Integration:

Offers a set of integration technologies including APIs, adapters, and connectors that enable easy integration to third-party upstream and downstream solutions to support data transformation and to implement business logic.

Calculation Engines:

Highly flexible calculation engines empower business users with a simple, intuitive UI to deliver regulatory reporting and perform complex and multi-dimensional calculations, conversions, and allocations with full transparency. Calculation engines can be implemented individually to meet specific regulatory reporting needs or bespoke calculation requirements.


Open integration is a key design principle of Fynapse and Marketplace provides an online platform for a portfolio of Aptitude and third-party, value-adding applications, functional capabilities, components and services that can be seamlessly interconnected to enhance Fynapse solutions to meet the evolving needs of finance, the wider business and to drive innovation.

Fynapse will empower the CFO to deliver a best-in-class, modern finance function and realize return on investment efficiently and effectively with rapid speed to value. Fynapse meets the needs of the CFO today, tomorrow and beyond.

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