NMB Gateway for Restricted Party Screening

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NMB Gateway for Restricted Party Screening provides a real-time compliance screening service

NMB’s Gateway for Restricted Party Screening (RPS) is designed specifically for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain (Operations) users, enabling companies to screen and manage compliance and regulation details when shipping items around the world.

Gateway for RPS eliminates manual processes involved in the screening process, thereby reducing the chances of human error and oversight. It’s a web-based international export compliance solution that offers maximum visibility and automation for exporters by providing a host of screening and management parameters for shippers.

NMB Gateway for Restricted Party Screening provides a real-time, exception-based compliance screening service to ensure proactive due diligence of international or domestic business transactions. Specifically, it performs mandated government compliance screening for Restricted Parties, Embargoed Countries, and Export License Determination. In addition, RPS also checks for “red flag” indicators to screen “end use,” as well as “end users.”

Solution at a Glance:

  • Fully Automated Real Time Screening - Real time updates ensure you’re always in compliance
  • Smart Screening - Screens everything, every time, without repeating false-positive failures
  • Embargo Management - Directly matching on ISO Country Codes ensures accurate screening
  • Export License Determination - Ensure you stay in compliance with export laws and regulations
  • Complete Audit Trail – System logs maintain proper screening records for every transaction
  • Native Microsoft experience - Through D365 Finance and Supply Chain (Operations) workflows and screens

About NMB Solutions:

NMB Solutions is a Microsoft ISV Partner specializing in Supply Chain and Compliance solutions for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (Operations)

As a Microsoft Partner with over 20 years’ experience, NMB Solutions’ focus is on helping customers operate supply chains efficiently and effectively via extended functionality within D365 and deep, native integration between best of breed supply chain solutions and the D365 platform. This seamless functionality within D365 allows users to leverage the power of purpose-built supply chain platforms and applications to build a more robust, streamlined supply chain operation that’s ready to support their business today and into the future.

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