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Recharge Manager, Improving Intercompany Re-Charging for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Users

Recharge Manager is an automated recharge engine built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to deliver the automatic recharging across multiple legal entities and in as many steps as is required.


Who is this for?

Any company with Dynamics 365 F&O who wishes to automate their intercompany transactions| Energy Companies | Property Management Companies | Commercial Real Estate


What we offer:

  • Recharge Manager provides the ability to automatically share costs across multiple companies with predefined values and an upfront configuration for an unlimited number of scenarios, so the often laborious process of manually processing transactions is avoided.
  • System uses multiple attributes to allow for a simple to complex matrix of allocations so that the costs can be distributed through a chain of companies with limited user input, raising the relevant intercompany dues and payables automatically.
  • Recharges can occur over multiple hops between companies and can terminate at either an internal company or invoiced to a 3rd party customer. Therefore, dues and payables are raised and posted automatically to ensure that the position of each company is reflected correctly.
  • Utilizing the cost allocation process, allocations can be configured to auto assign, further simplifying user processes, where allocations can be performed over certain accounts and can be process across companies.


Why Recharge Manager?


  • There is a need to improve accuracy and standardise recharging transactions.
  • Automation of key business processes to make them faster, more efficient and result in better business value


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