8x8 for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Combine 8x8 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 into one platform

8x8 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides tight integration between your 8x8 Contact Center and Work solutions and your Microsoft Dynamics environment.

Key Features:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with minimal setup required.
  • Screen-Pop and Contextual Information: Automatically retrieve and present Microsoft Dynamics 365 records upon initiating or receiving an interaction, offering agents invaluable context, including past call history, to enhance customer interactions.
  • Interaction Logging and History: Effortlessly record interactions upon completion, accurately linking them to the appropriate record and capturing vital data such as 'Call Duration,' 'Call Recording,' and 'SMS Transcript'.
  • Automated Record Creation: Automatically generate new records when no match is detected, boosting agent efficiency and ensuring a constantly updated customer relationship system.
  • Click to Call: Streamline call initiation by simply clicking on a phone number within your CRM, eliminating the need for manual entry and saving valuable time.

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