Stock Management App

Видавець: Akari Solutions

This solution is designed to support organisations that work with products which have expiry dates

The application provides an easier and more “joined-up” way to gain insight into stock utilisation across your network, so you can maximise your ability to service customer demand and track performance. If an item were sold outside of the expiry date, this could lead to fines, issues with trading standards or reputational damage to the brand of your organisation, which is why managing stock efficiently is crucial.

It also provides the opportunity to be alerted when stock is reaching its expiry date and manage how much of it has the potential to be reused; improving sustainability and waste management.

It supports frontline workers to follow best practice to ensure that older products are used first such as arranging boxes in stock rooms and on shelves, so that older items are at the front and periodically checking items on-shelf when cleaning.

The immediate business value

•Reducing the need for store colleagues to dispose of outdated products
•Offering the organisation the chance to reduce price of stock as it comes close to expiry date; to reduce any losses
•Offering the organisation insights into which items may be expiring sooner so evaluate which stores might not be rotating stock correctly etc

This will ensure that consumers are not at risk by using products which could be out of date and have the potential to cause harm.

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