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Support safe flexible working with YourSpaces

Organisations must now manage a more complex, hybrid workforce, with 82% of company leaders now allowing employees to work remotely at least some of the time.

With YourSpaces, manage building access requests for employees or guests, as well as an individual desk, meeting room, and parking booking requests in one convenient app. Accessed through Microsoft Teams and integrated with your Outlook calendar, the app allows users to quickly view and request:

  • Meeting rooms, desks, or parking spaces which can be booked freely.
  • Meeting rooms, desks, or parking spaces that require managers' approval.
  • Accessible spaces such as wheelchair-friendly desks, adjustable height desks, quiet zones, electric parking, and much more.

YourSpaces allows your organisation to create buildings, spaces and set parameters around approvals to access spaces based on capacity and need. End users can then make requests easily using the application and request to work in a space for a specific period, checking in and out with timestamps all via the convenience of an app on their device:

  • Support a diverse workforce and create an inclusive culture with individual requirements catered for as part of every booking
  • Attract and retain a modern workforce
  • Manage a wide variety of office locations, visualise interactive floor plans and support any number of staff

  • Comply with Covid-19 regulations
  • Generate information to make data-driven decisions on office utilisation

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