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About GiveLife 365

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, GiveLife 365 is a comprehensive cloud-based customer relationship management solution designed for Non-Profit organizations to organize and manage fundraising, campaign, volunteer, and membership management operations. With a modern interface and in-depth reporting/analytics with Power BI, GiveLife 365 provides businesses with the tools and insights to help organizations operate efficiently and effectively.

GiveLife 365 being an integrated CRM provides the tools and configurations to plan campaigns, manage donors, and track volunteers. Users can set up donor contacts and manage donor relationships using interaction history, donation history, fund allocation, memberships, sponsorships, and more. Administrators can register new volunteers with instant volunteer creation, volunteer recruitment, assign responsibilities to volunteers, and manage scheduling and time tracking for volunteers. GiveLife 365 also provides an overview of all members in a centralized location and will assist organizations with creating and managing memberships.

With cloud-based capabilities, GiveLife 365 can be accessed and launched across multiple devices and browsers. Its multilingualism and integration with productivity applications like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Bing Maps, Quickbooks, Stripe, Paypal and many 3rd party applications make it a reliable and robust CRM solution.

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