Arineo App Launcher

Видавець: Arineo GmbH

Dashboard for all Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate and RPA solutions in your company

Advantage and benefit

  • Central overview of all apps and workflows in the company
  • Central maintenance of apps, workflows and categories
  • Easy integration into Microsoft Teams

Target group

  • All companies that use a wide variety of Power Apps, workflows and RPAs
  • All companies from small to enterprise
  • Can be used internationally

  • Dashboard - Central, graphical and intuitive user interface to select all Power Apps, workflows and RPAs
  • Categories -Easiest user guidance through customizable category
  • Compliance - Use of the respective apps and workflow only with prior authorization
  • Administration: maintenance and deployment - Easiest maintenance of new apps and workflows through a standard dialog
  • Mobile - Of course, it can also run-on mobile devices
  • Teams Integration - Arineo App Launcher can be fully integrated into Microsoft Teams
  • Design - Adjustments to the company CI possible

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