Kanban View PCF

Barhead Solutions Australia Pty Ltd

Allows users to view, update, sort, filter and search records on a “Kanban” view using PCF.

The Power apps Component Framework (PCF)-Kanban allows users to perform out-of-the-box actions to any entity of a model-driven app or Dynamics 365 using a Kanban view. Similar to any of actions a user can do with out-of-the-box views, the PCF-Kanban allows users to easily view, update, sort, filter and search records. What differentiates this view with out-of-the-box views is the ability to drag and drop 'cards' to 'swim lanes' for updates--just like what you would do with a Kanban. 

Easily switch between views (from out-of-the-box to Kanban to out-of-the-box) seamlessly. Change 'swim lane' labels and colors when needed to suit the data.