Consensus - Contract Lifecycle & Matter Management

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A complete contract lifecycle and matter management solution

Consensus is a comprehensive, end-to-end Microsoft Cloud based solution for legal, procurement, and contract management teams.
By providing an automated and integrated workflow across documents, data, contracts and matters, Consensus allows your organisation to leverage existing Microsoft investment and knowledge to create a connected, centralised and familiar experience.
Consensus provides a familiar and easy to use environment for users which results in minimised training requirements and high-user adoption. Consensus facilitates alignment to your organisations' digital strategy for ongoing development, scale and flexibility.

Manage your contracts and matters, collaboratively

Consensus connects directly to critical collaboration apps in Microsoft 365, such as Outlook and Teams, to allow your team and the wider business to receive and manage approvals, e-signatures, alerts, notifications and track emails, all while staying in the flow of work.

Effectively analyse critical data with comprehensive dashboards and reporting

Consensus includes easy to use and understand dashboards and reporting capability, right out of the box. Microsoft Power BI can be leveraged natively to further enhance your ability to analyse and share the data in Consensus throughout your business.

Leverage the power of Consensus to share and connect with Dynamics 365

Consensus allows you to surface and manage contracts and matters from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales & Dynamics 365 Finance, allowing your sales and finance teams to work hand in hand with legal and procurement.

Supercharge document management with unparalleled SharePoint integration

Utilise Consensus' native connection to SharePoint to ensure every document generated and received during a workflow is stored and can be surfaced with ease, across your business.

Search across critical data, right from one place

Search experience powered by Microsoft Search that increases productivity and saves time by delivering more relevant search results.

Utilise any device, anywhere

Consensus can be accessed via any device, anywhere via apps available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Your data, your way

All data stored by Consensus lives and is kept secure in your organisation’s Microsoft 365. Consensus makes it easy for technology teams to ensure key business data is stored and accessed in compliance with organisational policy.

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