PowerApps Connector for Kaizala Partner Management

Видавець: C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Extend your Sales & Service soln to your partners through our Kaizala Partner Management Soln.

This app provides relevant features to connect your Sales and Service Essentials on PowerApps with a Partner management Application built on Kaizala.

The Partner Management Application allows you to include your entire extended ecosystem of partners, dealers, distributors and agents into your customer-facing processes.

Extend your market reach by making your partners a part of your sales process by

  1. Allowing them to create and update leads
  2. Assigning leads to them
  3. Broadcasting messages and collaborating with them
  4. Allowing them to view their performance

Extend service management capabilities to the partners by

  1. Allowing them to create service tickets
  2. Attach documents
  3. View resolution status
  4. Collaborate on the tickets created.

Our Partner Management App is a new-age, mobile-enabled, minimalistic and easy solution. It focuses on the essentials – sharing of crucial info and opening up critical communication channels. A conscious effort has been made to trim down functionalities to the bare essentials and focus on ease of access and use. The Kaizala platform has been used for this purpose since it provides the unique combination of flexibility, ease of configuration, and ease of use; without compromising on scalability, security and access restrictions that any enterprise class application invariably needs.

Note: this tool provides the infrastructure required to integrate your Partner Management App with the Sales and Service Essentials App built PowerApps. The Partner Management App itself is not a part of this solution and needs to be installed separately.

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