Education Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Education solution for Dynamics 365 providing administration and student management and portals

Overview: The Education Solution is a robust platform designed to enhance the administration and student management processes in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities. From class allocation to grading, organizing teacher conferences, managing events, and maintaining student records, this platform covers a wide array of functionalities. It provides the capability to manage the allocation of students to classes, grading them on their academic achievements, organising teacher conferences to collaborate with parents on their student performance, organising events and special school activities, maintaining student medical records, immunisations, allergies or managing absenteeism.  One of the key selling points for this solution is you can design you school classes making attending school an interesting and pleasurable experience for students while following the set government criteria. 
Key Features:
  • Applications: The details of all applications of interest to register to join the school can be captured and this information used in the future to evaluate successful student placements 
  • Tours, Trials and Enrolments:  Parents can make a booking to attend a school tour or register their child for a trial attendance at the school or full-time enrolment from prep, junior or senior schooling 
  • Class Management : You can capture all the key elements required to produce a timetable such as the courses you run for each class year and their duration and any special requirements
  • Timetable Management : The system helps Teachers manage their complex year academic timetables for the whole school based on the school timetable, curriculum for each student grade and teacher availability and classrooms   
  • Student Card: All students medical, immunisations, allergies, treatments, absentees can be managed in a central location and available immediately for school administrators  
  • Student Development: Evaluating the performance of your students throughout the year is pivotal to the success of any school and a great opportunity to assess their goals for the next term, and help them advance in their academic career as well as identify training or special needs to help them grow and prosper.  Their academic reports and feedback by teachers are shared on the Parent Portal and at any time parents can email their teachers for feedback on their child’s progress
  • Unform Management : Parents can view the Uniform Price List on the portal and order their children’s uniform online as a seamless experience
  • Events : Setting up events or extra curricular activities internally or externally, capturing logistics, trainers and the management of student participation 
  • Document Management: Store and manage all School related documents and online forms securely within the platform for easy access and reference using SharePoint integration. In addition, providing the ability to upload knowledge-base School articles or other collateral for Parents to peruse on their Parent portal  
  • Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into student retention, satisfaction, sick leave, academic achievement and other key metrics through built-in reporting and dashboards
  • Compliance and Governance: Ensure compliance with Education regulatory requirements by enforcing standard contract terms and approval workflows
  • Parent Lounge Portal: With the Dynamics 365 solution comes an optional fully customisable self-management portal that empowers parents with the tools to keep student information update to date and provide their approval. They can view their children’s performance and enabling them to become more involved in their schooling through frequent communication. Therefore, enabling them to keep abreast of all school related news. They can also access school documentation from a knowledge base and update their children’s student information. This is a one-stop portal designed for the parent in mind and reduces the manual contact with school admin or teachers for approvals as these can all be seamlessly emailed to them 
The benefits of this platform include improved efficiency through streamlined processes, enhanced accuracy in student record-keeping, increased student retention and satisfaction, ensured compliance with regulatory requirements, and the ability to make data-driven decisions. By providing a comprehensive solution for educational institutions, this platform aims to facilitate better communication, transparency, and efficiency in managing academic processes and enhancing student outcomes. Overall, The Education Solution is designed to simplify school management processes and enhance the educational experience for all stakeholders involved.

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