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A reliable way to handle billing with ease

Effortless invoice creation and tracking

EvergreenWorx Invoices is the tool for straightforward, efficient billing. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Invoices is designed to replace and streamline outdated accounts receivable processes. Track concurrent bills, manage approvals and rejections, and automate invoice delivery, all from a central hub. With Invoices, you can standardize your bills and terms while getting paid faster and more reliably.

Business Benefits

  • Save time and reduce manual workloads with automated recurring invoice generation.
  • Configurable, accounts-based, product-based, or usage-based rates reduce billing errors.
  • Ensure accuracy with complete account billing history.
  • Automated invoice expiration reminders ensure you and your clients are kept in the loop.
  • Invoice templates standardize and improve your professional appearance.
  • Make data-driven decisions and forecast revenue with custom BI dashboards.

Key Features

  • Custom invoice generation
  • Configurable billing frequency
  • Fixed & usage-based rates
  • Products hub
  • Approval and rejection processes
  • Custom, shareable dashboards

Why do I need an invoicing solution?

Accounts receivable departments that use manual billing methods often experience payment delays. In addition, paper invoices are estimated to cost business owners anywhere from $12-$30 per invoice. E-invoicing dramatically reduces the number of days it takes to receive payments, as well as the cost to deliver them. AR departments can see 33% faster invoice repayments and realize up to 44% cost savings when switching to digital invoicing.

How will automating my AR processes affect my organization?

Not only will your company experience faster processing times, but 79% of firms with automated experience higher team efficiency, in addition to 75% who can now provide a “superior customer experience.”

What’s the benefit of managing my invoicing within the Microsoft Power Platform framework?

Microsoft’s Azure, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform environments are used by nearly 16 million monthly active users, up by 97% year over year, revolutionizing productivity gains for companies everywhere. Power Platform supports integrations with other Microsoft tools, such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Teams, creating a more collaborative working environment. These integrations present a familiar and easy-to-learn environment for users. In addition, Microsoft invests over $1 billion annually in security to protect organizations’ data. Companies can feel confident placing their trust in the Microsoft Power Platform.

About EvergreenWorx

The EvergreenWorx application suite is designed to support your small to mid-size business. EvergreenWorx streamlines and automates your back office, allowing you to stay connected and get things done. Built on the Power Platform, each EvergreenWorx application makes the most of your Microsoft investment with simple, elegant, intuitive, and affordable solutions to every business challenge.

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