Address Locator for Dynamics 365 CRM

Видавець: Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

Streamline sales with Address Locator in Dynamics 365, capturing real-time locations effortlessly.

Are you tired of manually entering addresses and feeling uncertain about your sales team's activities? Wondering where your salespeople are in real time? Your solution is here – introducing Intech's Address Locator for Dynamics 365 CRM.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, gone are the days of manually inputting company addresses. Thanks to Intech's innovative add-on, Address Locator, you can now effortlessly capture the current location of your visited clients or customers through our intuitive mobile app. Imagine the power of streamlining your sales process, minimizing data entry hassles, and gaining real-time insights into your team's movements.
Unlock the Potential of Address Locator:
1. Effortless Real-Time Location Capture: Experience the convenience of capturing precise locations, ensuring you stay in the loop about your sales team's activities as they unfold.
2. Seamless Integration with Account & Lead Entities: Address Locator effortlessly integrates into both Account and Lead entities, providing a holistic solution for comprehensive tracking.
3. Flexibility Across Devices: Whether your team is on the move or working from tablets, Address Locator offers the flexibility to access and utilize its benefits anytime, anywhere.

Revolutionize your sales tracking experience, enhance efficiency, and bring a new level of precision to your sales operations. Ready to transform the way you do sales? Try Address Locator now! Check out our brochure to learn more.

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