Membership Fees Management for NGO

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Membership Fees Management for NGO app for Dynamics 365 Sales

The App facilitates better management of membership fees records as it tracks revenues and activities of all memberships by status.

Does your organization strive for clear data structuring, activity planning, account and contact management when collecting membership fees? Whether you manage a business association or an NGO entity, you normally deal with a large amount of membership data. Are your revenues relying on better monitoring of operations, which would improve the overall administrative performance?

Having this in mind, Intelligent Systems developed Membership Fees Management for NGO for Dynamics 365 Sales to assist with day-to-day tasks and managing activities of each member record with due fees. The application provides membership management functionalities for proforma creation and tracks the performance of the Salesperson and Organization within customized dashboards. The security approach for Microsoft Dynamics 365 upholds data access, protection, and collaboration while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.

Membership Fees Management for NGO for Dynamics 365 Sales provides better management of membership subscriptions as it tracks their revenues, recent activities, and views of the total number of memberships by status. The main functionality might effectively support these allegations above, by providing the ability to create proforma for each membership fee generated from different points of contact.

Membership Fees Management for NGO is the right tool for:

    • Tracking revenues;
    • Structured data for each membership;
    • Important information for Accounts and related Stakeholders in one place;
    • Activities tracking and managing;
    • Effortlessly creating proformas for customers;
    • Information to evaluate the most reliable point of contact;
    • Keep track on personal performance.


    • Dashboards to rely on when fulfilling your goals;
    • Automation to facilitate the work of creating new memberships and managing them in the future;
    • Customized forms that give a wide range of data you can store for each customer;
    • The functionality of creating proformas automatically;
    • Keep history for past membership.


    • Facilitates the employee's work to better manage the memberships within the Organization;
    • Saves time for more important tasks and strengthens the collaboration with customers;
    • Brings value by creating a clear vision of the next steps to achieve the objectives
    • Provides an option to prepare proformas without the need to do tedious calculations as all the information is embedded in a new account.

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English (United States) and Bulgarian. Translation is possible in other languages.

Supported countries:

All countries where Dynamics 365 Sales is available.

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