Zaki Generative AI For Dynamics 365

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AI Powered Omnichannel Customer Experience Solution

In today's dynamic customer service landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences is essential for brands to stand out. Zaki Generative AI offers a unified omnichannel experience, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, to meet modern customer expectations.

Key Features:

  • Omnichannel Communication: Seamlessly connects clients and organizations across various chat channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, web chat, Twitter, mobile apps, email, and SMS.

  • Intelligent Chatbot Capabilities: Employs trained Microsoft Copilots for swift responses and seamless integration with customer databases and product catalogs, enabling faster interactions and self-service options.

  • Advanced Routing and Queuing: Offers sophisticated chat routing features and comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing live agents to manage multiple conversations concurrently and provide personalized support.

  • Artificial Intelligence-enabled Response: Utilizes advanced natural language processing and real-time sentiment analysis to enhance customer experience and address concerns promptly.

  • Visualization and Analytics: Equipped with a comprehensive Microsoft Power BI dashboard for in-depth insights into customer interactions, driving sales revenue and improving customer experience.

  • Microsoft Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Copilot Studio, and Microsoft Power BI, offering a superior solution tailored to business requirements.

  • Microsoft Copilot Studio (AI Agents): Provides human-like interactions, revolutionizing customer engagement with advanced AI capabilities.

  • Omni-channel Availability: Deployable across various channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Twitter, SMS, and the Web.

  • Intelligent Chat Routing: Identifies and correlates previous chat events for enhanced reporting accuracy and valuable insights.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with all editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, ensuring seamless integration regardless of the chosen edition.

  • Global Support: Available in countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service operates, providing a seamless customer service experience worldwide.

  • Language Support: Accommodates English speakers from different regions with support for English (United States) and English (United Kingdom).

Experience the future of customer engagement with Zaki Generative AI – your comprehensive solution for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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