Microland eCitizen Accelerator

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Microland eCitizen Accelerator is a citizen engagement solution

Microlands' eCitizen Accelerator is a citizen engagement solution which delivers modernized, automated citizen services for local authorities. It not only engages citizens, but it also allows users to analyse and act upon citizen requests in a timely manner. The eCitizen Accelerator allows for proactive citizen engagement that includes notifications, service requests, rent and council tax payments, environmental reporting and licensing.

Key features include the following:
  • 360-degree view of citizen and service areas
  • Available anywhere & always i.e. device agnostic, SAAS Based
  • Embedded Security
  • Automated processes and case resolution
  • Ready to use custom dashboards
  • One-stop Digital offering for residents to engage with councils

Our predefined services catalogue with 206 automated processes tailored for council specific needs with the following key benefits
  • Core solution is designed to cover majority of Council’s needs with ease of extensibility
  • Solution focus is more on configuration with no/minimum customisation
  • Reusable HUB services, simplified processes, and increased solution reusability
  • Ready-to-use custom dashboards specific to service areas e.g., Housing
  • Out of box components – Core Entities, Dynamics Portals, Document Management, Case Framework
  • Automation everywhere – Plug-in, Workflows, Integrations & Deployments

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