RSM Refrigerant Tracking for D365 Field Service

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Refrigerant Tracking keeps companies and technicians working with refrigerant compliant with the EPA

To stay in EPA compliance, companies have to track where, when, and how refrigerant is used. RSM’s solution provides technicians with a place to track refrigerant movement from container to container. These movements can represent refrigerant being added, transferred, recovered, and leaked. Refrigerant tracking ties back to a Customer Asset, and allows technicians to see historical leak rates. The solution also provides the technicians a place to track which refrigerant tanks are in their possession and the additional recovery tanks that are provided by the customer.

  • Anyone purchasing refrigerant for use in a stationary appliance or handling refrigerants must be section 608-certified.
  • Recordkeeping – technicians evacuating refrigerant from an appliance with a full charge of more than 5 and less than 50 pounds of refrigerant, for purposes of disposal of that appliance, must keep records documenting the following for three years:

(i) The company name, location of the appliance, date of recovery, and type of refrigerant recovered for each appliance

(ii) The total quantity of refrigerant, by type, recovered from all disposed appliances in each calendar month

(iii) The quantity of refrigerant, by type, transferred for reclamation and/or destruction, the person to whom it was transferred, and the date of transfer

Solution Features:

  • EPA certification tracking
  • Refrigerant tank tracking
  • Customer asset history
    • Leakage rate of equipment
    • Transfers between circuits
  • EPA compliant report
  • Refrigerant tank capacity

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