VisiDepot - Smart Facility Management

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Optimize your facility management operations with VisiDepot

Facility Management Made Simple.

Transform your facility management operations with VisiDepot, a cutting-edge cloud-based solution designed specifically for the facility management sector. Built on top of Azure IoT Central and Dynamics 365 Field Service, VisiDepot empowers your business to monitor crucial aspects of your facilities such as temperature, humidity, lighting, and occupancy with IoT sensors, and proactively detect and resolve maintenance issues before they become critical.

VisiDepot optimizes your field service operations, effectively managing work orders, and maintaining inventory control, resulting in improved efficiency and satisfied customers.

VisiDepot features:

  • Intelligent scheduling and dispatch,

  • Work order management,

  • Inventory and asset tracking,

  • Mobile application for technicians,

  • Customer engagement tools,

  • Logging tickets for individual sites/rooms,

  • Allocating staff jobs using skills and locations,

  • Managing skills and certificates of workers,

  • Managing expenses for short/long project work,

  • Creating job templates for frequent tickets,

  • Geo-plotting jobs based on workers' location,

  • Remote virtual assistant support for workers.

  • Real-time monitoring of equipment and facilities

  • Integration with third-party systems for data analysis and reporting

  • Automated work order creation and assignment based on sensor data

  • Dashboard for tracking key performance metrics and identifying areas for improvement

  • Historical data analysis to identify trends and patterns in equipment performance

  • Proactive notifications and alerts for potential equipment failures or maintenance issues.

How You will benefit from VisiDepot:

  • Enhanced work order management and tracking

  • Streamlined inventory and asset control

  • Enhanced connectivity for technicians

  • Improved customer engagement

  • Intelligent reporting capabilities

  • Better management of job expenses

  • Reduced costs by tracking and dispatching workers based on geolocations

  • Reduced headcount with Remote Assist

  • Efficient allocation of the most relevant personnel for jobs

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