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Relationship Charts is a fully configurable charting tool for Dynamics 365 CRM

Relationship Charts is an add-on for MS Dynamics CRM that connects the dots in complex deals.

Relationship Charts is a sales visualization application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provides an insights-driven approach to opportunity management to put the odds in your favor of winning more deals.

Relationship Charts makes complicated deals more understandable by visualizing relations and hierarchies between colleagues, clients, contracts, business entities etc. within Dynamics 365 CRM

Relationship Charts empowers you to create:
  • Hierarchy Chart with cross functional relationships
  • Organization Chart
  • Opportunity Chart
  • Genealogy Tree

To summarize, here are some of the key features of the Relationship Charts add-on:
  • Vizualise your strategy for every opportunity using activity scheduler, color coding and icons, displaying different roles and complexity of their relations and adding new entities when needed
  • Build market map with competitors and influencers – ideal for finding your way in the business
  • Make organization map
  • Make Who Knows Whom chart for future deals

Key Features:
  • Embedded chart templates
  • Charts for any entities can be created
  • Drag and drop right on the map to build connections and relationships
  • Auto build of Org Charts as well as Charts with Sub-accounts
  • Export chart to PDF or as a picture to email, post to web
  • Display related connections for any chart participant
  • Changes made on chart are updated into the CRM database
  • Lock charts to archive from further changes
  • Set Ghost participant – a placeholder for future investigation

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