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ShareControl Board

Share Control

The complete solution for the company's board work and documentation.

It's important to note that the external calendar entries, rules and regulations follow Norwegian laws and regulations.

ShareControl Board is a portal that streamlines board related processes and provides a complete list over meetings and their documents, as well as Annual Meetings. It's easy to upload company board documents and to add key information for easy lookup and organization. The Add-in uses SharePoint functionality in Office 365 to customize and present functionality and features in ShareControl. ShareControl Board keeps track of upcoming meetings with their dates and documents. ShareControl Board organizes the archives for Board documentation and allows easy access for Board members in a controller and structured way. Because the Add-in runs on SharePoint it means your files are securely stored in Microsofts cloud in Office 365. All documents are stored within your own company.

In ShareControl Board you'll be able to access the main laws and regulations via the customized Knowledge portal, developed and maintained by us along with the law firm DLA Piper. You can choose between Limited Liability Companies Act and Public Limited Liability Companies Act.

ShareControl Board is flexible and can be used by all type of companies.

It’s recommended that users with Internet Explorer use version 11 or later when installing the app to a site. Internet Explorer 9 is not fully supported and cannot be used during the first time setup. All Internet Explorer users should upgrade their browser to version 11 or later for a better experience.

This Add-in is a "Free trial" that lasts 15 days. You'll receive an e-mail in the middle of your trial with additional information regarding purchase.