eAngel Human Proofreading For Word And PowerPoint

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Have your texts proofread with one click

eAngel Human Proofreading and Grammar Check Add-in for Word and PowerPoint

How to install inside Word or Powerpoint?

1. From the top menu click Insert, and then find the icon Add Ins->Get Add Ins.

2. Search for "eAngel", click Add, and then you can see the eAngel left pane.

3. Fill in your email, and your password (if you have one), and click Send.

You can also see the howto video here:

For Word:

For Powerpoint:

eAngel Proofreading & Editing (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation)

Write professional texts in every language with the help of Email Angel.

With one simple click your text is sent to one of our email angels, who personally corrects it, and makes sure you sound professional.

We all know that a professional level of writing cannot simply be achieved with an automated spelling or grammar checker. No matter how advanced automated software has become it still cannot replace the human brain. At Email Angel each email is corrected personally by one of our language experts.

This Add-in will absolutely change your life!

Our live human experts will proofread your texts in minutes, to make sure you sound 100% professional!

eAngel - Texts Made Easy.

* This Add-in is based on eAngel proofreading service, and requires the user to provide its email address before using the proofreading service. eAngel has a free trial after which a subscription is required.

See what others wrote about us:

The Next Web: "It was pretty cool to see the differences and mistakes the service found; they picked up on everything!"

Wikipedia: "In order to use the service, the user can send his text directly to a designated email address or upload it to the service's website. The text is then dispatched to one of the available proofreaders. Once the text is corrected, it is sent directly to the user's email."

Lifehacker: "Unlike automated proofreading and grammar solutions, here real people read these messages and translate them for you"

TechCityNG: "It was actually unbelievably correct. I also got a mail that tracked my errors. Probably so I don’t make them again. The precision and articulation was astounding. Even more, eAngel integrates by means of a Chrome extension, which adds a second ‘send with eAngel’ option to your Gmail compose window and if there are any errors, it corrects them and sends the message to the recipient, almost immediately."

GenBeta: "eAngel es el servicio que utilizarás si estás harto de los traductores online"

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