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Smart Responsive Slider Pro

Cotek Systems, Inc.

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Create impressive, eye-catching lively slideshow presentation on your existing SharePoint site.

Want to impress your Customers or organization with eye-catching lively images right on

your site? With Smart Responsive Slider add-in, creating and showing a series of sliders are

never easier. Smart Responsive Slider lets you replace the default SharePoint slideshows

with a much more sophisticated presentation. The slider can be enabled or disabled from

anonymous users. You can adjust the size of the slider by using the client web part


Features include:


➢ Simplified architecture

o From creating a slider to adding your slider to your page. We made the whole

process very easy. Smart Responsive Slider's user interface supports

browse/upload. We made the process so easy for you.

➢ Add Links or button to each slide

o With Smart Responsive slider, you can add a link to a page, site or subsite and

specify if the link should open in new tab or the same window.

➢ Supports Captions

o From the setting’s page, you may choose to hide or show slide caption for

each image. Caption gives more details about the slide.

Installation & User Guide

Smart Responsive Slider | Store.Cotekinc.com | 1

➢ Slide Ordering

o You can order slides or have them displayed randomly. Just make sure specify

the order during slide creation. However, if you forget, you can always go

back to edit the slide.

➢ Fully responsive with all devices

o As the name implies, this slider add-in is highly responsive. You can also

adjust the width of the Slider content area by editing the slider client web part


➢ Fast loading time for slider and administration page.

o We make very few round trips to the server to post or retrieve information.

The slider is design to run client side using JQuery.

➢ Preview slider with the position chosen

o You can preview all your changes before you go live for everyone to see.

Smart Responsive Slider will preview changes from the administration page

before adding to the client web part on your page.

➢ Supports Slider URL

o Create sliders with many information such as URL, banner image as well as

assign an order for it to appear on a slider.

➢ Create sliders with different effects and showing time

o Smart Responsive slider supports more than ten (10) transitions and

animation effects.

➢ Multiple Slider Templates (Design)

o News highlight, Employee spotlight, Customer's testimonials, quotes etc. We

have it all. Add testimonials and quote to your site by selecting the template.

➢ Auto-resizing

o Can select sliders which allow auto-resizing the images to fit the position.

Installation & User Guide

Smart Responsive Slider | Store.Cotekinc.com | 1

➢ Add your own CSS stylesheet

o With Smart Responsive Slider, you can create your own slider style by

inserting custom CSS codes.

➢ 24/7 Support

o Your satisfaction is our pleasure. We are here for you. If you have any

questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.