AsseTrack - Tracking Made Easy and Affordable

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Add-in for easy & affordable way to manage your Assets.

Asset Tracking Add-in is an easy-to-use cloud based solution, which gives you all the benefits of Asset Management from your web browser.

How to use:

Before adding Assets. Have a look at configuration and set as per your standards. Configuration can be set in configuration tab.

Configuration settings:

• Click on Configuration tab, which takes us to configuration tab.

• You can notice there are two settings.

1. Financial Year End:

a) This configuration will be used while Generating the Reports, based on the Financial Year End, Year-on-year Depreciation will be calculated.

b) The Financial Year End will be in format “dd/MM” (day/month)

2. Asset Serial Number Prefix.

a) This configuration will be used while Creating an asset.

b) The Asset Serial Number will be generated using the Prefix followed by hyphen & assets count.

c) Example if Prefix is AT, then the Asset Serial Number will be AT-0001.

• You change the Financial Year End & Asset Serial Number Prefix, to your requirement and click save to save the changes.

Assets can be grouped under several categories like:

• Asset Group: Group to which the Assets belong, example: Electronic Goods, Furniture, etc.

• Department: A department to which the Assets belong, example: IT Department, Sales Department, Production Department, etc.

• Location: Physical Location of the Assets, example: Ground Floor, Lobby, etc.

Before you add assets into the system, you need to create at least on Asset Group, Department & Location.

Assets Management:

Once all the Settings are done you can add assets to system and start tracking of it status. To add assets, follow the below instruction.

Steps to Add Assets:

• To Add Assets, click on the Assets tab, which will show a list of Assets.

• Click on Add icon (Fab) to add new Assets, which will open a pop up.

• Fill in the below details:

o Asset Name – Name of the Asset.

o Purchase Date – Date when Asset was purchased.

o Asset Group – Group to which asset belongs.

o Department – Department to which Asset belongs.

o Location – Physical location of the Asset.

o Asset Value – The value of the Asset at the time of purchase(price).

o Method of Depreciation – The Method using which the Depreciation of asset value is calculated (WDV [Written Down Value] or SLM [straight Line Method]).

o Residual Percentage – residual Percentage (1-99).

o Notes – Notes about the assets.

- The Asset Serial No will be generated based on the Configuration set i.e. Asset Serial Number Prefix & unique number.

- Residual Value will be calculated based on Asset value & Residual Percentage.

• Once all the details are filled click on save to add the Asset.

• The newly added asset should show in Asset list.

Asset Depreciation Report:

• To view the Asset depreciation report, click on Report action button corresponding to Asset in Assets list.

• The year-on-year depreciation report will be displayed in a pop up.

• The report will show the following:

o Opening Value.

o Carrying Value.

o Depreciation.

Note: Supports All modern browsers - IE 11, Chrome and Firefox recent versions. Add-in is not compatible with Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10.