OTJ Jira for Outlook


Facilitate the interaction between Outlook and Jira to create or comment on issues from Outlook.

Create issues as if you are working directly from Jira. No need to access Jira in order to have all the features.

Add e-mail attachments, attach your e-mails to your newly created ticket and much more, directly from OTJ Jira for Outlook.

We designed OTJ to facilitate the interaction between Outlook and Jira.

Major features include :

  • Compatible with Jira Cloud
  • Create and Comment on issues easily without leaving Outlook including email attachments and text formatting (listing, Bold, Italic,..)
  • Integrated with Jira Service Desk to create tickets on behalf of existing Service Desk users
  • Add attachments & files to Jira from Outlook
  • Include e-mail itself as an attachment
  • Upload e-mail attachments directly to Jira
  • Advanced search filters

This add-in depends on having an Atlassain Jira account in order to login and start enjoying OTJ Jira for Outlook. If you don't have a Jira Instance, you can try it for free at

[Note: Please make sure you have Installed OTJ Add-ons section from Jira Add-ons also:]

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