Colligo Email Manager for Office 365

Colligo Networks Inc.

Capture and tag content into SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive while working in Outlook


Colligo is a Microsoft Silver partner and a Microsoft Content Services Partner charter member. Trusted by customers and partners around the globe - Colligo brings the best of SharePoint into Outlook and everyone’s favourite Microsoft 365 apps with easy-to-use and deploy solutions that drive increased productivity.

Simplify Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive integration from any device, empowering users to remain productive in the modern workplace. Customer needs that we serve:

Email Management in SharePoint using a familiar Microsoft Outlook experience

Project Management and team collaboration

Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRMS) including adding metadata

Helping legal teams to stay in Outlook and remain productive with legal matter and case management

Minimizing change for SharePoint / Microsoft 365 adoption


Colligo Email Manager simplifies the capture of emails and attachments into SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive from within Microsoft 365 Outlook. Colligo enables automated and self-serve capture of metadata and retention labels for information management.

Make it simple to capture emails and add metadata from Microsoft 365 Outlook into SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive

Minimize change by bringing the top capabilities of SharePoint into Outlook where people choose to work

Improve user adoption of information management by personalizing file capture into their favourite locations

Modern workplace: Works in Microsoft 365 Outlook environment including on mobile devices

Productivity: Simple, familiar usability for content capture and collaboration

Information management and records: conveniently capture records including metadata and retention labels with easy-to-use information management


Save emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook into SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive

Insert as links/attachments from emails and Teams Channels

Microsoft Teams: Save emails and attachments to a Microsoft Teams Channel

Microsoft Teams: Post a conversation to a Teams channel for saved items

SharePoint: Save emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint libraries

Metadata: Automatically capture and promote email attributes to SharePoint

Works on Outlook for iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android (phone), MAC, Outlook Web and Windows

Fast and consistent user experience on all devices running Microsoft Outlook

Save in the background and remain productive in Outlook

Capture email attributes (e.g. To, CC, From, Subject, etc.) and promote to SharePoint columns

Complete SharePoint metadata without leaving Outlook

Duplicate email/document checking when saving to SharePoint

Rename attachments when saving

Select a content type for a SharePoint location

Pinned and Recent locations for the fast saving and inserting of content


Colligo Email Manager available on:

Outlook on iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Outlook on Android

Web Browser (OWA)

macOS (Outlook Microsoft 365)

Windows (Outlook Microsoft 365)


Deploy in minutes


Access content across SharePoint from Outlook, explore and collaborate (Content Manager Add-on)


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Microsoft 365: You require Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online and Exchange Online for this add-in.

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