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Online collaborative whiteboard platform

Miro is the online whiteboard platform that helps you co-create and bring meetings to life. Instantly open a Miro board right in any Teams meeting to brainstorm ideas, take notes, or visualize concepts together. With the new Miro experience in Teams meetings, you can share your Miro board and work in real time using tools like sticky notes, voting, timers, and more without having to switch in and out of apps. Try the Miro app for Teams and turn conversation into collaboration.

Use Miro across your entire Microsoft Teams workspace:

  • Teams meetings integration
  • Teams calendar integration
  • Miro tab with embedded boards
  • Miro notifications bot

New - Miro for Teams meetings integration:

Open a new or existing Miro board during any Microsoft Teams meeting to let your team create, brainstorm, and plan together in real time.

New - Miro for Teams calendar integration:

Embed a Miro board into any Microsoft Teams calendar invite, set permissions, and give access to your collaborators before the meeting.

Custom Miro tab

Embed any Miro board as a new tab in Microsoft Teams so you and your collaborators make updates, add comments, and work together async.

Notifications bot

Get notifications in Microsoft Teams so you can stay informed on feedback, reviews, and other important actions. Track them in the Miro chat feed.

Miro unlocks creativity with:

  • An infinite canvas to help you ideate, strategize, get organized, and work with your team without constraints
  • Whiteboarding tools like sticky notes, a pen, shapes, arrows, and smart drawing that let you easily co-create
  • 200+ best-practice templates to help you easily facilitate brainstorming, Agile rituals, design-thinking activities, and strategic planning
  • Integrations for your favorite tools including Office 365, Azure DevOps, and OneDrive to streamline your workflows and see the big picture of your projects


Miro for Microsoft Teams is available on all Miro plans. You need an active Miro account in order to use the app. Your admin may need to enable the Miro app for your Microsoft Teams account. There may be advanced Miro features that are only available in paid plans.

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