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Upgrade your meetings and events with the latest, live interaction tools your attendees want!

Use this add-in to make your interactive presentation a success.

This add-in works together with your MeetingPulse account. You can get a free account at

It allows you to use all MeetingPulse’s interaction and engagement tools with your slides in just a few clicks. You can display the feed from your upvoted Q&A session, embed live Poll results into your presentation and automatically launch your poll, or display a leaderboard that shows which of your attendees answered the most quiz questions correctly.

MeetingPulse is an industry leading interactive toolkit that lets you interact with your audience live, online or hybrid. It is used by the fortune 100 companies all over the world. The toolkit includes:

- live polling

- various ways to visualize audience input

- Q&A

- quizzes and leaderboards

- forms and surveys

- raffles and games

- sharing materials

- real-time sentiment tracking

- selfies and brainstorming tools.

In addition to this, you can build a Meeting agenda, manage attendees and make personalized schedules for event environment.

For help with MeetingPulse view our knowledge base or contact us by sending us a message at

To learn more about our paid services, please visit:

Supported platforms:

PowerPoint 365

PowerPoint on Mac

PowerPoint for the Web

Some PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 installations may encounter problems with live updates. If you do, please contact us at

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