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Microsoft Teams governance. Lifecycle managment. Teams Templates.

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Teams environment with Powell Teams by Powell Software. Powell Teams, available in the Microsoft Teams store, equips you with the tools to manage, govern, and optimize your Microsoft Teams ecosystem, ensuring compliance, security, and efficiency.

Discover the three pillars of Powell Teams that empower you to excel in the management of your Microsoft Teams environment:


Gain access to various reports, dashboards, tips and a governance score to understand your Microsoft Teams environment clearly. Identify potential risks, and take proactive measures to enhance security, governance, and productivity.


Effortlessly structure your Microsoft Teams environment with the powerful toolkit Powell Teams provides. Establish company-wide policies, naming conventions, security protocols, team tags, and templates, all tailored to your organization's needs.

Explore our extensive gallery of team templates and apply industry best practices in Microsoft Teams governance.


Simplify your Microsoft Teams administration and save 80% of your time through Powell Teams. Powell Teams offers approval workflows, alerts for non-compliant teams, bot actions with automated suggestions for team owners, and automation for mundane and time-consuming tasks. Empower your administrators to focus on what truly matters.

Experience unique control and efficiency in your Microsoft Teams environment with Powell Teams, the ultimate solution for managing and governing your collaborative workspace.


Features overview

• 20+ reports based on Microsoft Teams best governance practices for administrators.

• Personalized reports.

• Team naming convention.

• Team tags

• Team templates including channels, private channels, configured tabs, default content and default owners & members.

• Guest access management.

• User Management.

• Team editing & archive management.

• Approval process includes manager validation and 3rd party apps.

• Automations associated with Power Automate & Azure functions.

• Bot actions

• Team owner alerts & advice when company policies are not respected.

• Team user cockpit to quickly be informed and access team content.

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