SureDrop for Outlook

Senetas Corporation Limited

Bring the end-to-end encryption and data sovereignty of SureDrop to your Outlook inbox.

Share files of any size, save attachments to SureDrop, improve collaboration and productivity

Unleash the power of SureDrop to your Outlook inbox. SureDrop provides a highly secure end-to-end encrypted file storage, file sharing and collaboration platform with data sovereignty and 100% data location control. It also offers users a choice of either the resilience of a bespoke on-premises solution, or the flexibility of a managed service provider solution. So you get the usability, familiarity and convenience of a drop box style file sharing application with best in class military grade security.

  • Take your files anywhere: access your attachments from any device by saving them to SureDrop.

  • Share any file: no need to fill up people's inboxes. Just attach a SureDrop link instead.

  • Collaborate effectively: attach a SureDrop link and the recipients will always have the latest version.

Due to the target audience of the product, SureDrop does not provide self-serviced sign-up functionality. Additional SureDrop license needs to be purchased by the user. For purchasing a license or signing up for the service, click here and fill in your details or email your enquiries to

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