Squirrel365 Presenter

Видавець: InfoSol Ltd trading as Squirrel 365

Easily turn ordinary spreadsheets into extraordinary presentations that will impress your co-workers

Squirrel365 lets you build interactive Web content directly from the data and logic in your spreadsheets. The Squirrel viewer for PowerPoint means that content can be seamlessly added to your PowerPoint slides to provide stunning interactive content which will transform your presentation all in three easy steps:

Import — Connect Squirrel to your Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets.

Create — Add visualizations, interactive sliders, buttons and menus to transform your spreadsheet into an interactive visual experience.

Present — Add your project directly into PowerPoint and engage your audience.

Sales figures, quarterly reports, operational reviews, customer updates, corporate overviews, product launches, ROI pitches and many more… whatever you’re presenting, make it memorable with Squirrel.

Squirrel365 has various subscription packages to choose from. You can get the free trial today at (no credit-card needed) and change the way you present.

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