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The add-in facilitates DocuSoft registered users to upload their documents directly to DocuSoft DMS.

This add-in is a part of the Document management system that allows you to save documents to a central storage system directly from Microsoft Office applications,

in their original format and can be made available for access through our various search facilities through Desktop application, Web Browser and even mobile/tablets!

Both Android and iOS. The documents are accessible to your entire team as long as they have access to the saved Docusoft Directory which you can manage.

Easy to install, simply download the add-in and add it to your list of available add-ins on Microsoft office 'Add-in' option on the main menu ribbon.

The Microsoft Office applications, the add-in is developed for are Ms Excel, Ms Word and Ms PowerPoint.

***Requires Docusoft Subscription***

You will need a Docusoft cloud account to be able to use this add-in since it requires a login. You can contact us via our online help desk on our website

***DocuSoft DMS***

Docusoft is a Document Management system Docusoft works with financial service professionals to develop software and create an innovative solution; document management, cloud file storage, client data management, workflow processes, data protection, filesharing, and document delivery, and electronic signatures are among the issues we address.

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • читати документ і вносити в нього зміни
  • надсилати дані через Інтернет

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