Legal Research Tool

Видавець: AltaML Inc.

AltaML's Legal Research Tool for helping to gather legal research.

From case law to secondary sources, the AltaML Legal Research Tool helps you capture and organize your findings as you explore legal texts. While the Add-in can be used by itself to search for case law and insert basic references, in order to experience the full functionality of the AltaML Legal Research Tool, use this Microsoft Word Add-In in conjunction with our Chrome Extension.

Currently, a Google account is required to log in to the Add-in.

You’ll be empowered with an uninterrupted research flow, able to save citations, notes, highlights, and cases while navigating texts on CanLII. When you’re ready to start drafting, access and insert your research via this Microsoft Word add-in. The AltaML legal research tool makes it unnecessary to maintain a separate document for research results — and goes way beyond to preserve a history of research steps. You can rest assured knowing your research is not only securely stored, but also saves the steps taken to arrive at the findings. Be sure to check back to see new and improved features being continuously added to help you do legal research faster and more thoroughly.

★ Semantic Case Law Search

Search through case law right within Microsoft Word using natural language powered by AI. Open and read relevant cases and add cases, notes, and highlights to your Research Sessions.

★ One-Click Citations

Anytime you add a case, note, or highlight to a research session, we’ll grab that case’s citation automatically so you can pop it into your document with one click.

★ Research Sessions

Access your Research Sessions through this Word Add-in. Research Sessions enable you to organize your different projects, determine where your cases, notes, and highlights will be saved, and retrace your steps at a future time. While a research session is active, you’ll leave a trail of breadcrumbs that shows the searches you performed, the cases you’ve clicked on, and your engagement in the case, such as captured notes, highlights, or how far you scrolled down the page on a case.

Google Chrome Extension

The AltaML Legal Research Tool is able to be used in combination with our Chrome Extension. The extension enables the creation of Research Sessions to capture cases and secondary sources within them, such as citations, notes, and highlights and logs the steps taken to carry out research so that you can retrace your steps at a later time.

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • читати документ і вносити в нього зміни
  • надсилати дані через Інтернет

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