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Ensure proper staffing with dynamic self-service scheduling and the open shift marketplace

WorkJam is the Digital Workplace solution industry leaders choose to orchestrate their frontline workforces — either as your frontline productivity platform or within your frontline employee solution. Available in over 37 languages and deployed in over 38 countries, WorkJam delivers total Workforce Orchestration through market-leading task management, shift management, survey and micro learning tools. WorkJam can be seamlessly integrated with Workday, UKG/Kronos, Blue Yonder, Legion, ADP as well as many other systems of record you rely on.

Dramatically improve your schedule management. The Schedule app allows frontline workers to continuously update their availability from their mobile devices, tablets or browsers. Managers can create and offer shifts to staff in their own location as well as others. Only employees who meet the eligibility rules defined in your WFM system can see these open shifts and apply for them – filtering and focusing the experience for each frontline worker.

This way of crowdsourcing internal labor increases staffing accuracy and significantly reduces labor costs. Employees with the appropriate skill sets can find and apply for shifts outside of their regular location. The added control over their schedule contributes to engagement and lowers turnover. In addition, managers spend up to 25% less time on manual scheduling tasks.

Schedule can be integrated to work with your existing Workforce Management (WFM) system. As employees choose shifts, the data is passed through to your backend WFM through an open API. This lets companies who have already invested in robust WFM solutions to continue to benefit from their investment while making the employee experience easier and more flexible.

o Increase the available labor pool by crowdsourcing shifts across multiple locations

o Better align schedules to the fluctuating needs of your workforce

o Improve engagement by affording employees more control over their hours

o Save up to 25% of manager time by streamlining and automating shift cancellations, swaps and replacements

o Offer workplace flexibility by enabling employees to pick additional shifts from multiple locations

o Ensure shifts are accessible to employees with the availability, qualification, skill, completed trainings and experience

o Establish compliance with fine-grained control over compensable time

o Achieve parity and reduce overtime through full integration with systems of record

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