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Improve your key conversations with deliberation templates: Feedback, Ideas…

The integration of delibera allows you to easily add deliberation templates to a Microsoft Teams channel, helping your team improve the quality of its digital conversations. From this tab, you and the members of your team can easily access a delibera template to discuss all important matters that require a structured and organized conversation. Delibera enables deliberation, the most advanced level of group conversation, and makes collaboration a reality in any type of organization. It organizes people’s knowledge through a series of advanced deliberation templates, structuring the conversation based on the objectives pursued (idea generation, ranking, feedback…). In these templates, the conversations’ duration, sponsor, conclusions, decisions and next steps are all clearly defined. It is especially useful for leaders, helping them understand their teams’ thoughts and feelings on a topic and identify changemakers, boosting co-creation, empowerment, and accountability. You can use this app on any device or browser. Delibera is globally available and maintains strict security measures. To use this app you must have an account. If you don't have an account, contact the admin of delibera in your organization, or you can go to and contact us to ask for an account for you or your company. We’ll be glad to help with any other question you may have.

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