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Boost team performance using the Zendesk for Teams Integration.

Resolve tickets faster, simplify employee workflows and improve team performance by integrating Zendesk to Microsoft Teams. Zendesk is a complete customer service solution that’s easy to use and scales with your business. Start a free trial today.

Bring your communication and support solutions together and enable employees to work where they’re most productive. The Zendesk-Microsoft Teams Integration enables you to:

  • Create, view and update Zendesk tickets directly from within Microsoft Teams
  • Add internal notes (agents and light agents) or public replies (agents only) to tickets from within Microsoft Teams
  • Get real-time notifications on tickets based on status, priority, type, or updates within any Teams channel or DM
  • Deploy Answer Bot in Microsoft Teams to answer commonly asked questions
  • See all open and closed personal tickets in a single listview within Microsoft Teams
  • Import Zendesk ticket views as tabs into a single Microsoft Teams workspace (Zendesk agents only)
  • Turn a comment from a conversation into a new ticket
  • Search and share tickets and help articles with messaging extension

The Zendesk-Microsoft Teams Integration allows you to help your team members get more done. For example:

  • Escalate and resolve issues faster by updating and responding to tickets within Teams
  • Make it faster for your employees to get help, by creating and managing tickets directly from Teams
  • Improve ticket visibility by using the ticket tab in Teams to see and receive notifications on any ticket activity
  • Deflect incoming tickets by using Answer Bot, only escalating to an agent for complex issues

Installation and User Guides

Learn more about how to install from our installation guide or how to use the product from our user guide.

Made in collaboration with Zendesk

This integration is commissioned and funded by Zendesk and provided by SoftServe.

Zendesk has worked with customers to gather feedback and requirements, and played an active role in the design of the product.

SoftServe builds, maintains, and supports this integration and your use is governed by the agreement provided by SoftServe.

Please contact SoftServe for any integration questions and support.


SoftServe provides reliable ongoing customer support, following best practices and industry standards

  • Infrastructure and cloud environment compliant with best security practices
  • Support monitored 24/7/365
  • 1 business day SLA for support responses


We’re actively collecting and incorporating feedback on the product and would welcome your views about anything that’s working well or could be improved. Please submit your feedback here.

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