VerityRMS for Office 365

Видавець: Verity Platform

VerityRMS Add-ins allow users to deposit documents and create notes from within Microsoft Office

VerityRMS is a leading provider of research management software, data and analytics delivered through a comprehensive platform to provide best-in-class workflow, portfolio monitoring, and idea generation solutions to more than 350 institutional investors globally. With VerityRMS for Microsoft Office, users can integrate their RMS workflow without leaving Office. Verity users can deposit documents to notes directly via the add-in. When depositing documents, users can choose Note Type, Tags, Title and permission the resulting RMS note via the add-in. Further, users can fill out any custom template information directly within the Office add-in!

VerityRMS for Office is only available to licensed Verity customers. To get started with Verity or with questions, reach out to

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