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Allows you to sync your Excel media plan file with your connected Advvy Agency system.

Please Note: This add-in requires an Advvy Agency Workflow Solution (built on Microsoft PowerApps) to sync with. If your agency does not have an Advvy Agency Workflow soluton, please contact Advvy.

Excel is still the most widely used media planning tool, thanks to its flexibility, functionality and ease of use for the end user. The biggest challenge for an organisation that uses excel for media plans, is that the data is kept within them, and it has been inherently difficult for agencies to do cross campaign reporting.

A lot of time is spent manually collating media plans to give a media investment forecast.

The Advvy Media Plan Add-In allows an agency to have the flexibility of a spreadsheet while allowing the key data elements to be synced to a campaign record, so broad-based media investment analysis can occur easily. The Advvy Media Plan Sync Add-in will save your media planning and buying teams "days a month" in manual data extraction and manipulation when used in combination with the Advvy Agency Workflow application built on the Power Platform.

What do you need to do?

- Deploy the add-in

- Open your Media Plan

- Create the Advvy Data tab

- Align the Advvy Data tab with your plan's key values

- Connect the Media Plan file to the campaign record in Advvy

- Sync the data to your Advvy Agency campaign record.

What do you do when the plan changes?

- Sync the data to your Advvy Agency campaign record.

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