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Master-O enables learners to improve skills and boost on-the-job performance

Master-O is a gamified microlearning app that enables you to improve your skills effortlessly and thereby enhance your performance.

Learn Microskills® or bite sized modules on Master-O that are designed on the principles of microlearning, gamification, behavioral psychology & data science. Your organization can use Master-O for a variety of learning objectives ranging from sales training, customer service, product knowledge, compliance, health & safety, leadership & management, personal productivity and more.

The app will enable you to become a “Master-Of” many skills that are crucial for your current role and long-term success.

Get ready to learn Microskills® and experience the new way of learning using Master-O!

**While Master-O is free to download, it is a subscription-based, enterprise app.**

Please write to us on to get a ‘preview’ of how gamified microlearning can benefit your organization’s digital learning objectives. You can also request your business sponsor to contact us for an enterprise license.

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