DataSnipper for Excel Online

Видавець: DataSnipper B.V.

Use DataSnipper for Excel Online to extract data from source documents directly to your workbook.

With DataSnipper for Excel Online, your team members can now easily access your workpapers and the relevant source documents, online.

Use Snips and Document Viewer to extract and cross-reference relevant data directly into your Excel Online workbook. DataSnipper for Excel Online opens doors for efficient reviews and high-quality documentation with cross-referencing.

Improve DataSnipper adoption while driving collaboration - with DataSnipper for Excel Online, your team members can access your workbooks. Share your findings effortlessly. Just send a ‘Share’ link, allowing DataSnipper users to have access to your workbook on Excel Online. Implement DataSnipper for Excel Online in your audit and finance procedures for easy accessibility, efficient reviews, and high-quality documentation.

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