Harbour for Microsoft Word

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Create and e-sign your Microsoft Word using Harbour.

Tell your customers what your product does in detail, including the types of customers your product benefits and what it can offer. Text entered here will appear in your product's marketplace listing. You can use simple HTML tags to format your description for better display.

Send and sign documents faster with Harbour’s Microsoft Word Add-In. Automatically turn your documents into branded, mobile-friendly e-signature agreement workflows.

Harbour is the quickest way to send, sign, and manage your agreements. With Harbour’s Microsoft Word Add-In you can send documents directly from Microsoft Word to your Harbour account for e-signature. Using Harbour, you can create contracts, receive e-signatures, track all of your agreements across your entire company in a single click.

Negotiate and redline agreements in Microsoft Word and send them for signature in Harbour once terms are agreed to.

Harbour automatically turns your documents into e-signable agreement workflows that are easy to send and execute using our legally binding e-signature solution.

Easy version control - Did you make new changes to the document after sending it to Harbour? No problem! You can update the document directly from your Add-on by clicking ‘Send updated document.’ This will send the latest version from Microsoft Word directly to Harbour with one click.

Easily track the entire agreement process in Harbour. From document import to sending, e-signature statuses, and more.

We are called Harbour because we keep data moving and tracked in a way that works for you. We integrate with over 2k additional applications; whether it's auto-adding contract expiration dates to your favorite Calendar App or adding executed agreement PDFs to your own Cloud Storage or CMS.

Never worry again about the risk associated with losing track of an agreement’s key terms, dates, or the fully executed copy. Harbour’s easy-to-use, enterprise-grade contract management platform maintains a safe, searchable and secure system of record.

This Microsoft Word Add-In is free to download but requires a pre-existing Harbour account to use.

Don’t have an account or have questions? Contact or visit

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