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Reserve your seat with JustSeat

**justSeat** is a new app, **completely integrated with Microsoft Teams**, developed by Emm&mmE Informatica.\njustSeat was born in the midst of the pandemic, in order to support companies to organize and manage the turnout at their offices, in full respect of social distancing. Mentioned by “_Il Sole24Ore_” (the most important Italian economic newspaper), continues to help companies in managing presences in coworking areas. \njustSeat is **completely customizable** and you can **register all company’s spaces and commons** (such as company cars), **making them available for reservation** on a shift basis: workplace, company car park, seat in the cafeteria, etc. .\nIf your company has several branches, you can register spaces from each branch and make them available for reservation. For this reason, **justSeat is suitable for every kind of company**, regardless of its industry type, dimension or number of employees.\njustSeat allows you to **better organize attendance at the office** by managing shifts, hours and spaces. Thanks to the **integrated reports**, you can **track and monitor the turnout** and efficiently plan the delivery of company internal services (meals, Personal Protective Equipment – PPE, etc.), without arbitrarily wasting resources.\n**justSeat is very easy to use**: its integration with Microsoft Teams makes it **immediate and familiar**, therefore **it doesn’t need any specific training**.\n\nMain features:\n- Reservation on the basis of dates and hours (shifts) of:\n - Workplace per room and branch\n - Rooms (meeting, training,…)\n - Company car park\n - Seat in the cafeteria\n - Company commons (i.e., cars)\n- Integrated reports on attendances at the office (both for analytics and forecasts purposes) \n- Customizable number of rooms and capacity\n- Up to 16 configurable shifts (on hourly, daily or customizable basis)\n- Possibility to register all users via massive or individual import \n- Possibility to assign admin roles to those who have a justSeat subscription\n- Possibility to save reservations on your calendar via download of an ics. file\n- Possibility to use the app from all over the world\n- Possibility to use the app from all devices\n- Possibility to customize app features (on demand)\n- justSeat is available in English and Italian\n\n\nConditions:\n- **Activation is immediate** (at least, no later than the working day after the subscription confirmation)\n- **The first app setup must be implemented by a global admin of your tenant**, in order to allow justSeat for all users.\n- **The first time you access justSeat ask your sys admin to login and authorize permissions** for use\n- Trough integrated SSO you can allow users to access justSeat by using the **credentials of your Microsoft 365 tenant**.\n\nRoadmap of features to be developed:\n- Manager reservation of seats: company managers will be able to reserve spaces for their coworkers and members of their teams. Reservations will be notified by e-mail and added in each user reservation list.

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