Culture Cloud by O.C. Tanner

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Send eCards and give nominations with points

The Microsoft Teams integration brings recognition into the Teams environment, where people can celebrate great work right when they see it happen and easily send recognition within the tool. Client administrators will be able to add the Culture Cloud app to their Teams environment for employees to adopt into their workflows. Users can select an award level, add a personal message, send eCards or nominations and give points. After receiving recognition, you get points to redeem great awards in your recognition program. Recognition sent using Teams will look the same as recognition sent from the Culture Cloud website, and it will be recorded in Reports. Users of the Teams integration must have permission to send recognition from the Culture Cloud program. Only recipients who have permission to receive recognition will be visible recipients in the Teams. Whether it’s celebrating personal victories or team wins, Culture Cloud is the key to a thriving workplace culture. Create a culture people love.

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