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Add a stock chart for your Company's stock symbol. Useful for Investor Relations/Stock Information

With our easy-to-use add-in, you can quickly and seamlessly add a stock chart to your company's SharePoint intranet. This is particularly useful if you need to create a page for investor relations or stock information.

Our add-in is fully compatible with both modern and classic SharePoint environments, making it a versatile solution for any business.

All you need to do is enter your company's stock symbol (such as TSLA, MSFT, or GOOG) in the web part properties, and the stock chart will be automatically generated.

By default our companies addin shows charts for

  1. 1 Day
  2. 5 Days
  3. 1 month
  4. 6 months
  5. 1 year
  6. 5 years
  7. The add-in directly calculates the change over the selected period and draws the chart again with colors green or red accordingly.

    There is a Free trial for 30 days.

    And if you're unsure about your company's stock symbol, you can always contact us at for assistance.

    One of the best things about our add-in is that you don't need to buy any additional data subscriptions.

    The fee for our service is all-inclusive, and you can enjoy full access to the stock chart feature for a flat rate.

    If you have less than 1000 users please purchase our app directly from here

    If you have more than 1000 users please contact us or via our website

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