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Build a culture of sustainability within your business, school, or organisation.

Do you want to be more involved in social or environmental initiatives? Do you want to make a difference alongside colleagues, peers, or friends? Our GiveBack application for Microsoft Teams is here to help!

Giveback helps individuals, teams, or entire organisations create, track and share their social and environmental activities. We utilise AI-powered program automation to provide the inspiration to get started and begin running activities aligned with the global sustainability framework, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. If you are discussing potential activities to support within a messaging chat, you can use the 'more actions' feature to convert the conversation directly into a new mission card.

Once you have selected the mission that you and your team will support, you can invite others to participate, track progress and measure the impact of each mission. As you complete multiple missions and build your positive impact, the battle will be on to stay atop the GiveBack leaderboard as the most active impact champion across your team or organisation.

From an organisations perspective (whether you are a business, school, college, NGO or otherwise), GiveBack helps nurture a culture of teamwork, impact, and sustainability. By building this culture and the organisations broader sustainability profile, you can position your organisation as an employer of choice helping attract employees or customers.

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