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A suite of tools to streamline drafting, reviewing, and negotiating legal documents.

Maximon is a legal drafting tool designed by lawyers, for lawyers.

It focuses on tackling real-world drafting challenges in an intuitive way.

The solutions developed by Maximon are prompted by first-hand experience of designing practical solutions to practical challenges in the world of legal practice.

It brings together the intelligence of a complex statistical modelling system, with the simplicity of familiar, intuitive features such as autocomplete popups and unobtrusive but clear notification badges.

Handle defined terms, cross-referencing, and auto-numbering with ease. View term definitions as you go and get autocompletion suggestions for terms and automatic cross-references.


Defined terms

📖︎ View definitions in a convenient sidebar

⚠︎ Error check definitions against capitalized terms

🔍︎ Review all defined terms as a table or an intuitive visual map

✎︎ Autocomplete defined terms as you type, or insert through the sidebar

Document data

💻︎ Manage hidden personal information and junk data in documents

Cross-references and paragraph numbering

🗲︎ Automate paragraph numbering and cross references

✎︎ Autocomplete or insert cross references without picking through Word's built in interface

⚠︎ Automatically detect and fix broken cross references

Maximon is smart but friendly

✔︎ Works on third party documents without preparation

✔︎ Automates document content based on context and heuristic algorithms

✔︎ Optimized for speed

✔︎ Intuitive interface, seamless in Word


This add-in is free to download and includes a provisional free usage period (at least 1 month, longer at discretion). After the free usage period, if you wish to purchase a subscription, you can view purchasing options for this cloud app at or proceed straight to the web store at to purchase an annual subscription.


Maximon runs on Microsoft Office 365 and later. For alternate version support, see

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